Our entire company and its associates are dedicated people whose mission is to sustain the highest standards of quality, design and execution without compromising our commitment to innovation, creativity and customer service.

We combine industrial design with aesthetic sensibility to develop cutting edge products. We specialize in creating unique outdoor architectural elements specific to each project.
We offer laser cut steel planters and decorative panels constructed with environmentally friendly, American steel. We offer 10 standard powder coating finishes and have thousands more for you to match to any custom project.
Steel Koncepts values the importance of supporting our country and local industry. We strive to utilize the latest American technology and we proudly design and manufacture all Steel Koncepts products in America


Recognizing the importance  of individuality and unique aesthetics, we craft all of our products utilizing high strength steel in a full range of sizes, shapes and colors.


Our collection is inspired by both the tranquility of nature as well as that of elegant and vintage designs of the past.  We understand that each space and project is unique. Whether the project requires an understated minimalistic approach or requires a more classic and sophisticated look, we have developed a highly functional and upscale range of products.  We also welcome your custom design inquiries.


We are passionate about the importance of supporting our country as well as local industry. We proudly design and craft all of our products in America utilizing superior, high strength, environmentally friendly materials. Combined with state of the art design and finishing techniques, we strive to competitively  provide the ultimate in industrial chic, timeless pieces


Corten Steel is also known as weathering steel. The surface of Corten will develop an ever changing and unique patina where a dense layer of iron oxide essentially penetrates the steel and slows the corrosion process. The patina or rust acts as a protective barrier. Weathering steel has a reactive period from 3 to 9 months depending on location and climate. Weathering steel products may produce carbon run off or staining on lightly color surfaces like stone and concrete.

The stone and concrete can be cleaned with a carbon pacifier to remove any residual run off. After the initial reactive period, weathering steel will cure and self-seal with very little to no carbon run off. The patination process occurs when water is introduced to the material.


Tougher than traditional paint, powder paint is a thermoplastic polymer capable of hardening to a smooth and durable surface. Considered the best method for coating metal, the powder paint is charged and transferred onto metal using an electrostatic process. The unique coating process always guarantees the thickness and color of the powder paint is consistent and vibrant. With a curing process free of all Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), powder paint offers an environmentally sustainable, durable coating method with an impressive array of textures and colors.

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